Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Industrial, & Automotive Parts & Supplies

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Product Offering

Automotive/Fleet Products

Couplings & Fittings

Cylinders & Actuators


  • Hydraulic oil
  • Lubricants & Cleaners
  • Threadlockers

Hose Accessories



Hydraulic Products

Industrial Piping Systems

Instrumentation Products

  • Instrumentation fittings
  • Instrumentation valves



  • Hydraulic motors
  • Pneumatic motors

Pneumatic Products

  • NEW! Air Savers
    Reduce compressed air consumption by up to 50% in blow applications like air knives, nozzles, assist blow applications, etc.
  • Air Prep - FRLs
  • Pneumatic Actuators:
    Cylinders, Rotary Actuators, Air Motors
    Actuator Accessories, Electronic Sensors,
    Industrial Shock Absorbers

Pressure Washer Accessories

  • Spray guns
  • Spray nozzles
  • Pressure washer wands


Quick Disconnects

Tube assemblies & Tubing

Tools & Equipment

  • Brazing equipment
  • Deburring tools
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Flangers
  • Flaring tools
  • Grease guns (Alemite)
  • Hose crimpers
  • Hose production centers
  • Hose saws
  • Hydraulic tools & tool sets
  • Positive lock hydraulic pullers
  • Positive lock mechanical pullers
  • Presetting tools
  • Presses
  • Tube benders
  • Tube cutters
  • Tube production centers


Product Updates



Discontinuation of TFD Tube Clips


Beginning July 1, 2017, Parker's Tube Clip product line will no longer be available for purchase. All open orders will be fulfilled until inventory is depleted, after which time the Tube Fitting Division will no longer be accepting orders for the Tube Clip line.



Low Pressure CNG Hose Introduced

New CNG hose is available from Parker Parflex division: CNGRP series hose is engineered for regulated pressure natural gas and features electrically conductive construction.



Changes to Parker 77 Series Crimp Fittings


Parker announced the following changes to their 77 Series fittings (used with GlobalCore family of hoses):

  1. 77 Series are now available in stainless steel.
  2. Dimensions of some elbow fittings (sizes -20 through -32) have changed.




Series 7244 Sand Blast Hose

Effective with new production, the Parker Series 7244 Sand Blast Hose will feature increased working pressure rating of 300 PSI.



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