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Parker releases Dual Seal Flange Adapter

Posted on Wed, Nov 24, 2010 @ 10:19 AM

Parker Dual Seal FlangesParker’s Dual Seal Flange Adapter product line is designed for high-vibration, high-shock applications requiring a four-bolt connection style. Dual Seal Flange Adapters provide better port retention and increased sealing capability than Code 62 flange connections. The reduced potential for system leakage is achieved by incorporating both radial and face seal technologies.

Dual Seal Flange Adapters have a system working pressure of 7,500 PSI with a 4:1 design safety factor. They conform to bolt thread and bolt pattern dimensions of ISO 6162-2 or SAE J518 Code 62. The materials used are compliant with NACE MR0175. All products are Heat Code Traceable and have been tested to SAE requirements.


  • Improved pressure rating – 7,500 PSI
  • Captive o-ring groove prevents o-ring fall out during installation
  • Radial seal – additional system integrity and increased pressure rating
  • Ingression seal – reduces the potential for side loading

How Dual Seal Flange Adapters work:

The primary radial seal improves the pressure capabilities of the flange to 7500 PSI. The face seal provides resistance to external pressures introduced by the application environment. The flange clamps and bolts are used to compress the o-rings into the port and provide the necessary holding force.


The Dual Seal Flange Adapters are available in 1/2”, 1” and 1-1/2” sizes in the following configurations:

  • Dual Seal to 37° Flare
  • Dual Seal to o-ring face seal
  • Dual Seal to male NPTF
  • Dual Seal to female NPTF
  • Dual Seal to male SAE o-ring boss
  • Dual Seal to female SAE o-ring boss
  • Dual Seal to socket weld pipe
  • Dual Seal plug
  • Dual Seal flange insert
  • Code 62 split flange clamps
  • Code 62 captive flange clamps

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