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Parker 77 Series Crimp Fittings Now Available in Stainless Steel & Dimensional Change in Elbow Configurations

Posted on Tue, Mar 21, 2017 @ 01:35 PM

In a previous blog, we wrote about the GlobalCore series of hose from Parker, which can streamline your hose and fittings inventory and provides a high-quality, robust standard for hydraulic hose in the most common pressure ranges. GlobalCore series hoses use the 77 series fittings from sizes -8 through -32, which are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations, but had previously only been manufactured in carbon steel. Parker is excited to announce the introduction of stainless steel 77 series fittings, the ideal choice for highly caustic or corrosive applications and environments.


The strength and flexibility of the 77 series stainless steel fittings makes them an excellent choice for any application. As stainless steel fittings are far less prone to rust and wear, they can significantly extend the service life of your assemblies and reduce the costs associated with frequent maintenance and replacement. Using the new stainless steel fittings in combination with GlobalCore creates a high-performance, rugged assembly that excels in many of the most extreme applications and environments.

Some dimensional changes have been made to the 77 series stainless steel fittings when compared to the same fittings in steel. However, the pressure ratings for these fittings have not changed, giving you the same high pressure capabilities and industry-leading performance. Stainless steel 77 series fittings are available in a variety of configurations and styles including JIC 37°, NPTF, Code 61/62, DIN/Metric and Seal-Lok.

Another change for the 77 series has been made for steel elbow fittings in sizes -20 through -32. Parker is always seeking new ways to optimize and streamline their manufacturing processes, which allows customers to receive the best possible quality of parts in an efficient, timely manner. Occasionally, this necessitates minor dimensional changes in a product line that does not affect the quality, specifications or ratings. Recently, Parker announced a dimensional change for the 77 series to optimize manufacturing for these fittings.

The 77 series steel fittings will have slightly longer “A” (Overall) and “B” (Cut Off) dimensions, with a difference of a half inch or less in most cases. As this is a running change as of March 2017, customers will continue to receive the old part until stock is depleted.

If you are using the 787TC series or 797TC series Global Core hoses, this change could affect you. Please download the relevant documents below for more information:

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